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Welcome to Poland's only Museum of Bedtime Cartoons! Take a sentimental journey with us to see a unique memento collection of items related to popular animated films for children, commonly called in Polish dobranocki.

This is an exceptional place where you can move to the land of reminiscences, thrills and good emotions - to the land of bedtime shows.

The Museum of Bedtime Cartoons in Rzeszów has been created to house Wojciech Jama's collections for the benefit of children and adults. Due to the nature of the exhibitions, the Museum's greatest virtue is that it connects generations.

Each of us as a child was longing for the evenings when in front of a TV screen we welcomed our favorite characters from films for children, commonly called bedtime cartoons. They were broadcasted every day around 7 p.m. and usually lasted only 10 minutes. They brought great excitement as they were the only show for children during the day and so they were impatiently awaited. These cartoons were a solace after all the excitements of the day and it's nice ending. Many of us have our own favorite characters. For some it is Teddy Floppy-Ear, for others Colargol (called Jeremy in Canada or Barnaby in the UK and the USA) or Rumcajs. Still others nostalgically recall Bolek and Lolek, Mole, Rex and Dobromir the Inventor.

Some even had a chance to witness the oldest Polish cartoon called, Jack and Agatha, which was first broadcasted by the Polish Public Television on October 2, 1962 and was shown three times a week for 11 years in black and white version. The characters from this tale have been the patrons of the Museum of Bedtime Cartoons since the beginning. The puppets of Jack and Agatha appeared on the screen of a TV set-shaped cake, which was one of the attractions of the Museum's inauguration. From the window of the Museum's theater box they also welcomed Wanda Chotomska, the author of the cartoon's scenario when she visited us to read extracts of her work. Jack and Agatha also appeared on local memorial coins promoting Rzeszów and the Museum of Bedtime Cartoons.

The history of the Museum of Bedtime Cartoons began with the idea of Wojciech Jama, the collector who bequeathed the memorabilia he collected for many years to the city of Rzeszów with the intention of establishing a local government museum. I was lucky to arrange this magical place together with him, and organize the exhibition which the first visitors could see on 27 February 2009. The Museum of Bedtime Cartoons was officially opened on March 22, in the presence of Cartoons enthusiasts, by Filip and Martynka - children who accompanied the President of the City, Tadeusz Ferenc, who, by the way, is privately a Rumcajs stories lover.

For nearly two years the museum was located in a small place in a historic town house at 8 Słowackiego Street. Over 46 000 people visited us there. The second birthday coincided with the moving of the Museum to new, spacious premises at 13 Mickiewicza Street and the enlargement of the exposition as well as the increase of the number of museum's employees. At the new seat the characters from animations present themselves in the new arrangement and at night, when all the children are asleep, they walk along the streets of Rzeszów, as we can read in a story specially written for the Museum by the writer Nina Opic.
I heartily invite you to visit our exhibition!

The collections include genuine puppets used in the puppet shows produced by Se-Ma-For, a Polish animation studio based in ŁódĽ. In the Museum's display cases, you can find the characters from such animated series as: Mi¶ Uszatek (Teddy Floppy-Ear), The Adventures of Colargol, The Little Penguin Pik-Pok, Maurycy & Havranek, The Three Little Bears, Pacyk's Colourful World, Plastu¶' Journal and other items. There are also such treasures as TV show puppets and the only existing manuscript and typescripts of the screenplays for the first Polish bedtime show, Jacek & Agatka, which was premiered on the Polish TV on 2 October 1962. You can also be impressed by the designs of such characters as Gapiszon, Gucio and Cezar, Pyza, as well as by the charts displayed before and after the bedtime shows.

The collections include numerous transparent sheets used as a medium for animated frames, sketches, pieces of scenery, screenplays, shooting scripts and animation recipes. There you can meet the characters from popular cartoons, including Reksio, Bolek and Lolek, The Abduction of Balthazar Sponge, The Little Kangaroo Hip-Hop, Pampalini the Animal Hunter, Leon the Fox, The Adventures of the Little Blue Knight, The Smurfs and many more.

Apart from the mementoes related to the world of animated films, the exhibits also include everyday articles featuring the cartoon characters. These seemingly ordinary objects are the exhibits that trigger the greatest emotions and memories in the visitors.

The collections include pictures, wall clocks, alarm clocks, trays, ceramic plates and mugs and even a sand bucket. Even chocolate and candy bar wrappers featuring cartoon characters have been collected. Among them you can find 'Maya', 'Pty¶', 'Wolf and the Hare', 'Sandmanchen', and even 'Bolek & Lolek' and 'Maya the Bee' on bubble gum wrappers. There are also, in untouched condition, foodstuffs like 'Maya' artificial honey, 'Smurf' bubble gums or cosmetic articles like oil, bars of soap with pictures of Jacek & Agatka, 'Cipisek' washing powder or bars of soap with 'Pty¶' and 'Balbinka the Goose '- some made many years ago.

Among the exhibits, you can also see old models of TV sets, films on spools, cassettes and discs, 35-mm slides, slide sets as well as many models of projectors. Those interested can listen to lullabies, songs and dramas on vinyl records played on a genuine Bambino gramophone, or see a slide show.

The exhibited board games, games of chance, arcade games, computer games, playing cards, jigsaw puzzles, mechanical and soft toys will arouse interest in toy lovers. Bibliophiles will find a large collection of books, cartoons and annual volumes of journals, film posters, theatre programmes and posters. Collectors will be certainly delighted by postage stamps, postcards with shots from animated films, envelopes and stamps as well as with pennants, badges, brooches, safety-pinned tags and a numismatic collection.

The Museum organizes many temporary and outdoor exhibitions, and contributes to exhibitions outside its seat: in museums, galleries, libraries and community centres throughout Poland. The exhibition activities are organized based on the Museum's own collections as well as on the items borrowed from authors, artists, collectors, film institutions, museums and theatres. The exhibitions are accompanied by museum classes with various themes, art workshops and demonstrations aimed at participants of different ages.

The offer for schools has been adjusted to the core curriculum, so that the pupils can attend the offered activities as part of their classes. The educational activities arouse the pupils' interest, encourage them to read books, see films and develop their own artistic skills.

The most popular educational activities are the meetings entitled From fairy tales to bedtime cartoon, Wandering Bedtime Cartoons and Meetings with Bedtime Cartoons which we organize from the very beginning together with the Library for Children and Youth, a division of Provincial and Municipal Public Library, where fans of bedtime cartoons get to know the literary originals of their favorite cartoon characters.

The Museum also offers many competitions and educational projects - both inside and outside its walls. The offer includes in particular art classes, museum classes, film workshops and special events. They are accompanied by games, plays and other attractions. During them the cartoon characters appear stirring up emotions in both little and big animation lovers.

The institution also holds meetings with well-known authors - writers, film directors and producers. Among our guests were: Wanda Chotomska, Bohdan Butenko, Tadeusz Wilkosz, Marek Nejman, Halina Filek-Marszałek, Joanna Jasińska-Koronkiewicz, Balbina Bruszewska, Krystyna Kulczycka and others.

All visitors can see film shows in the Museum's projection room. It is only there that you can see the oldest Polish bedtime shows: Jacek & Agatka or Balbinka the Goose. You can also spend time watching the adventures of the characters from the popular animated series, that is Bolek & Lolek, Reksio, Koziołek Matołek, Mi¶ Uszatek, The Little Penguin Pik-Pok and many more.

Apart from the traditional projections, you can enter slide shows or see slides displayed by old projectors, or learn the art of animating drawings on the Museum's zoetrope.

The Museum of Bedtime Cartoons also organizes evening film shows as part of projects like Bedtime Cartoons for Adults, Bedtime Cartoon by Night or the Rzeszów edition of the O!pla All-Polish Animated Film Festival.

The Museum's shop offers bedtime cartoon mementoes like toys, films, publications, games, numismatic items and a wide range of gadgets featuring the characters from bedtime stories.

Come and visit our Museum of Bedtime Cartoons in Rzeszów! Watching of the collections will be great fun for children, and those a bit older will be thrilled with many nice memories moving them back to the times of their childhood - for at least a while.

Katarzyna Lubas

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